The week in publishing (June 25 through July 1)

Posted By on July 1, 2012

Here’s some of the latest in industry news and views:

From SkyRocket: Are you missing out on these guest blogging opportunities?
Corporate blogs are under-utilised in most content-led link building campaigns that operate outside of the realms of ‘online marketing’. In the SEO and internet marketing space we are fairly use to this practice. SEOmoz, HubSpot and KissMetrics …All valid examples of excellent corporate blogs, all accept guest posts, however, practices that are common place to us internet marketing folk are rarely representative of other industries.

From Self Publishing Coach: Top Ten Blogs for Authors
What are the best blogs to follow as an author? Who can you trust? There is a lot of information on the internet about writing, publishing and marketing your book. Here Are My Top Ten Blogs for Authors… (in no particular order)

From GalleyCat: 5 Ways to Promote Your Book Right Now
At the Mediabistro Literary Festival & Workshops next month, this GalleyCat editor will give an online presentation about book promotion. Follow this link to learn about the festival. In the meantime, we’ve collected five free links that will help you promote your book right now.

From Lujure: How To: Quickly Become a Highly Paid Speaker and Best Selling Author
As a professional speaker that just published his first book, loving husband, and devoted father of 2 kids, Tim Johnson knows the meaning of the phrase “stretched too thin.” Since the publishing date 6 weeks ago, Tim has had a heck of a time trying to balance his professional and family life. Communicating with customers who bought his book and scheduling speaking engagements have kept Tim’s nose glued to his MacBook’s email screen.

From Huffington Post: The Incredible Resilience of Publishing Fantasy
In this month’s Atlantic, you can find a piece by Peter Osnos, a former Random House editor, making the case that books, like the subject of a Gloria Gaynor song, will survive. He speaks of book publishing’s “incredible resilience.” Not so fast, Peter. Incredible fantasy, or even denial is more like it.

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