The week in publishing (January 7 through January 13)

Posted By on January 14, 2013

Here’s some of the latest in industry news and views:

From San Francisco Book Review: The News Media Wants…
1. Your book if it ties into the current news cycle.

2. You to only contact them if the book is relevant to what they cover.

3. Something that is actually new to report.

From Rachelle Gardner: 5 Surprises about Self Publishing
My first six books were all published by major New York houses, including Scribner, Simon & Schuster, Crown, and Berkley/Penguin. I adored my editors and their teams, but I was a midlist writer getting midlist attention, and the midlist was starting to feel like purgatory. For my seventh book, Perfect Red, a historical novel set in 1950’s New York, I decided to self publish.

Happy Holidays! Something we don’t talk about very often in the world of online networking is the importance of taking a break. We hear a lot about the value of posting to our blogs, Facebook and Google+ pages, and Twitter accounts frequently and consistently. We read about the necessity of blogging on a schedule.

From Bull Dog Reporter’s Daily Dog:  Book-Publishing PR: How Authors Can Use Social Media For Book Promotion
Publishers, faced with shrinking book promotion budgets, are more excited than ever about telling authors to promote their own books online. By online book promotion, publishers often mean social networking. hey use the phrases interchangeably. The reason publishers are particularly excited about online book promotion is that, in their opinion, they don’t have to get involved in it.



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