Recycling media exposure in promoting your book

Posted By on April 20, 2013

If you are in the throes of promoting your book, you know the value of media exposure you get for free versus advertising you have to pay for. Media exposure gives you a one-two punch. First, you get space that could cost thousands of dollars if you had to buy it. Second, most of what is printed becomes support material that can be used as sales aids and promotional literature.

Reprints of articles are fantastic. It isn’t you saying you’re good; it’s the impartial publication. Who cares if its circulation is smaller than your neighborhood? Get it out there! Recycling a feature story or review can be more valuable than publishing it the first time. The media like to climb on a moving bandwagon. If they see you are already getting exposure, they are more likely to want to do a story.

You want to send these reprints to everybody! Get copies in the hands of wholesalers or distributors you’re wooing, to major bookstores or websites you hope will carry your book, to electronic producers you are pursuing, to your banker, to any investors, to board of director members. What’s interesting is that this publicity may well have been generated from one of your news releases. So now you send a news release about the news … to trade journals in your book’s industry, to associations to which you belong for their Member News sections, and so on. If in doubt, send it. It may even be appropriate for a direct-marketing package you are preparing for consumers.

A word of caution, however: While the writers of most reviews expect them to be reprinted by their very nature, feature stories and author profiles are often copyrighted, and may require reprint fees; check into this before doing any major duplicating.


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