Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN)—what it is and where you get it

| April 13, 2013

After going completely off-topic yesterday, let’s get back to all things publishing. Today is for “L” in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, so let’s get right to it. The acronym LCCN originally stood for Library of Congress Card Number in 1898 when the numbering system first went into use. Back then, the Library of [...]

Copyrighted material—when is it okay to use and when isn’t it?

| April 3, 2013

There is always a lot of confusion among authors as to when it’s okay to use copyrighted material with just listing the source and when permission needs to be obtained. So what are the rules? First, let us discuss “fair use,” which is using material without the need to obtain permission. The Chicago Manual of [...]

Self-publishing plan, part three

| March 28, 2013

When I start working with a new client, I always set up an initial meeting. A colleague of mine called it a strategy session, and that is a good description as it is a discussion of the approach we’ll take to the project. We discuss what is involved in all phases of the project, from [...]

The week in publishing (January 7 through January 13)

| January 14, 2013

Here’s some of the latest in industry news and views: From San Francisco Book Review: The News Media Wants…1. Your book if it ties into the current news cycle. 2. You to only contact them if the book is relevant to what they cover. 3. Something that is actually new to report. From Rachelle Gardner: 5 Surprises [...]

Interview with Deanna Nowadnick, Author of Fruit of My Spirit

| November 30, 2012

Interview with Deanna Nowadnick, Author of Fruit of My Spirit 1.     Can you give us a little background on why you wrote your book? Fruit of My Spirit: Reframing Life in God’s Grace started as one story. I just wanted my sons to know how I met their father in college. One story became many [...]

Guest post by Austin Rinehart: What You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

| November 1, 2012

Getting to those busy traditional publishing agents is not easy at all. Though there are some of them interested in discovering new unpublished authors, the reality is they only take about one in a thousand manuscripts that come their way, and even if you manage to get to one of them, in most cases you’ll [...]

The week in publishing (October 22 through October 28)

| October 28, 2012

Here’s some of the latest in industry news and views: From Boing Boing: Kindle user claims Amazon deleted whole library without explanation According to Martin Bekkelund, a Norwegian Amazon customer identified only as Linn had her Kindle access revoked without warning or explanation. Her account was closed, and her Kindle was remotely wiped. Bekkelund has [...]

Guest Post from Brooke Warner, SheWritesPress.

| October 9, 2012

A Unique Vision for the Future of Publishing I first heard about Kamy Wicoff long before She Writes burst onto the scene in June 2009. I’d been working at Seal Press for five years by that point, and I’d contacted her in 2007 to blurb a book I’d acquired called Offbeat Bride. Kamy had written [...]

Twitter Hashtags for Writers, Authors, and Self-Publishers

| September 11, 2012

Twitter hashtags (#) are used to categorize tweets according to subject matter. If you attach relevant hashtags, your tweets have more of a chance to be found by others interested in your subject matter—and you have more of a chance to grow your followers. I’ve compiled a list of hashtags that pertain to writers, authors, [...]

Eleven Questions for Today’s Indie Publisher

| August 23, 2012

Your name: Jennifer Turner Your website/blog: Your bibliography:  My Name is Jake 1. What is your background? I have a corporate background with extensive sales and marketing experience.  Children’s books were never on my radar or bookshelves until having children of my own.  We now have quite an extensive collection. The creative and fun [...]