Why would a happy self-publisher want an agent? A Q&A with agent Jody Rein

| June 28, 2011

My friend Jody Rein, a terrific agent and former Random House Executive Editor, will be hosting a hot webinar for self-publishers on Thursday, June 30! Writer’s Digest asked her to put together an insider’s take on how self-publishers can find literary agents. Of course this is a controversial proposition: Why would a happy self-publisher want [...]

Traditional publishing is not evil—or why Amanda Hocking made a good decision by signing with St. Martin’s

| March 25, 2011

I was thrilled when I first read that indie author Amanda Hocking was looking at a traditional house book deal, possibly worth millions. I don’t read her genre of fiction (paranormal), but I’ve admired her success and her level-headedness (she’s just 26 years old). Maybe I’m naïve, but I seriously expected everyone to be just as [...]

Author Solutions is NOT indie publishing, folks.

| December 8, 2010

This post showed up in my Google alerts. It’s all about the inaugural “indie publishing contest” held in partnership by Author Solutions, Inc., the San Francisco Writers Conference, and San Francisco Writers University. <sigh> Here we go again. To start, we have “ indie book publishing leader Author Solutions.” Say what? Authors Solutions is NOT — I repeat, NOT [...]

Speaking tips for fiction writers

| November 16, 2010

A few weeks ago, I posted about how nonfiction authors can boost their exposure by speaking. The article was very well received, but it inspired questions from several authors of fiction—mainly, should they speak? And if so, what should they speak about? The answer to the first questions is “yes”! Authors of fiction can certainly [...]

The self-publishing career choice

| August 12, 2010

I’ve been incredibly busy the past few weeks; first it was a week of vacation, then it was the release of my new book The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 5th Edition, and working on a promotions plan for it. In addition to that, there has been a delightful influx of new clients, which (of course!) [...]

Self-publishing does not necessarily equal slush-pile publishing

| June 30, 2010

So I read a post on self-publishing over a Kidlit today. I’ve commented there, but I couldn’t resist more pontificating. I’ll start by saying that I am not the average person who has no idea what lurks in slush. I spent many years in the trade, going through those very awful slush piles that blogger [...]

Just because publishing is changing does not mean it’s dying

| May 28, 2010

When I first read this article by Garrison Keillor, I kind of chuckled to myself—I mean, how seriously can I take the opinion of modern publishing from the dude who hales from the (albeit fictitious) “little town that time forgot and the decades cannot improve.” Obviously, he would prefer that the publishing world stay just [...]

Book review

| May 21, 2010

Title: The Wealthy Author: The Fast Profit Method for Writing, Publishing & Selling Your Non-Fiction Book  Authors: Joe Gregory and Debbie Jenkins  Publishing Academy, 2009 Back cover synopsis: Renegade publishers, Debbie Jenkins and Joe Gregory, share their hard-won experience to show you exactly how to make a fast and impressive income as a non-fiction author [...]

Why self-publishing your book rather than pursuing the traditional route can be your best bet

| May 5, 2010

I read a blog post today about why authors should pursue traditional publishing rather than try self-publishing from the start. For authors of fiction, I would probably agree that traditional publishing is definitely the more ideal model; but for authors of nonfiction, self-publishing is often the best, most profitable way for authors to see their [...]

Short run book printing and when POD makes the most sense

| May 3, 2010

There seems to be a fairly common misconception among some would-be self-publishers that if they want to take advantage of print-on-demand technology, they have no choice but to go with a subsidy outfit such as Lulu, iUniverse, or Author House. What they don’t realize is that POD refers to a digital printing process performed by a [...]